Israel Resource Review 13th Febuary, 2009


Norwegian Doctor, Mads Gilbert: Member Of Extremist Group
David Bedein

The Norwegian Doctor, Mads Gilbert, entered Gaza a number of days before the Israeli military operation began.

In the course of that operation he spoke with numerous media, described himself as an "objective doctor" and incessantly condemned the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) operation. Now it has become evident that Mr. Gilbert isn't quite as "objective" as he presented himself.

The only Western doctor who was permitted to enter the Gaza Strip while the fighting raged is, in fact, an activist in a radical Marxist organization called Rodt that justifies the Taliban's actions, among other things.

Two weeks after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks Dr. Gilbert justified the al-Qaida attack.

"It is morally justified to attack the United States," he said in an interview to the Norwegian newspaper Dagblad.

In the course of the fighting in Gaza, the Norwegian doctor gave dozens of interviews to leading news networks, such as ABC, CNN, al-Jazeera and Sky News, which were watched by hundreds of millions of viewers in Europe and the United States.

When he stood in front of the camera in his white doctor's coat in the hallways of Shifa Hospital in Gaza, the doctor spoke about "deliberate attacks" being staged by the IDF on women and children. He even described Israel's policies as a war "on civilians."

When he was asked by a BBC reporter for his response, as a neutral person, to Israel's claims as if its goal was only to hit Hamas, the doctor said: That is a completely stupid statement. Out of the hundreds of injured we've seen only two combatants, he said at the time.

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