Israel Resource Review 5th June, 2002


Mother's Chilling Words:
"When I Heard My Son Died I Was Happy, Proud"
Smadar Peri
Corresponder, Yedioth Ahronoth

There is a new, shocking and unprecedented phenomenon among the families of the Palestinian shahids.

Um-Nidal, the mother of Mohammed Farahat, 17, who perpetrated the suicide attack in Atzmona in which five yeshiva students were murdered, encouraged her son to perpetrate the terror attacks, was party to planning the attack and had her picture taken with her son as a memento before she said goodbye to him one last time.

"I'm proud of my four sons who were all raised to carry out terror attacks against the Israelis," said Um-Nidal, a resident of Gaza, who is named for her eldest son Nidal, 31, who is on Israel's wanted list. Her second son, Ahmed, also went to perpetrate a terror attack, but was caught, tried and sentenced to 11 years in an Israeli prison. Her third son, Muamin, is seen regularly with the leader of the Hamas movement, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

The Saudi daily, A-Shark al-Awsat, which yesterday published the chilling testimony of the Palestinian mother who encouraged her son to perpetrate a suicide attack, stressed that this is the first time in the history of terror attacks in the Arab world that the parents of a suicide bomber are involved in planning that terror attack in all its details, and are photographed together with the shahid as a memento, before his death.

The mother recounted, "My young son Mohammed joined Izzadin Kassam, the Hamas movement's military branch, when he was seven. He was very close to the organization's leader, Imad Akel, who lived in our home, and was assassinated by the Israelis seven years ago. From a young age Mohammed was a party to planning the terror attacks, and I encouraged him to commit suicide."

When Mohammed left to perpetrate that terror attack in Atzmona, his mother took a video camera and a regular camera, and had her picture taken with him as a memento. "It was clear to me that these pictures would be a memento, and I was proud of him and his bravery. I knew the timetable of the planned terror attack, and as the time drew near, I sat at the entrance to the house and waited for the news of his death. When I heard the number of casualties the Israelis suffered I knew I should be proud. His friends reported his death to me and I was very happy."

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CNN: The Difference Between CNN Europe and CNN USA

This is a copy of letter I sent to Jerrold Kessel at CNN,, 6/5/02

Dear Mr. Kessel,

I would like to bring to your attention more of the disturbing, growing = media bias existing in CNN Europe.

Today, after a horrific terrorist attack in Israel, the Main Page of the CNN Europe website shows a picture of an Israeli tank with its barrel aimed at the viewer.

The Headline reads,"Israeli Tanks Enter Jenin".

When you click on the headline, the next page shows your article "Car Bomb Kills 16 on Bus in Israel".

Why wasn't your article with the burnt out shell of the bus on the Front Page where it should have been? This is consistant with CNN's incessant portrayal of Israel to Europe as aggressive while minimizing and redefining terrorism against Israel.

Just yesterday, CNN edited out an interview of the mother of an Israeli baby and grandmother killed by a suicide bomber and instead tried to perversely gain sympathy for the terrorist's mother by showing her interview instead.

Is CNN so afraid of Arab populations and pressure in Europe that it would allow itself to be used as a tool of media propaganda and slander against Israel and its army? Please address this dire situation.

Marlene Young
3409 Shelburne Rd
Baltimore, MD 21208
(410) 764-6131

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