Israel Resource Review 7th June, 2006


Rabbi Faces Unprecedented Disciplinary Hearing for Expressing Dissent
Menahem Rahat
Correspondent, Maariv

For the first time in Israel, a Rabbi faced a disciplinary religious court set up by the Chief Rabbinate for making "extremist statements".

The Rabbi is Rabbi David Druckman, one of those who opposed the disengagement plan, who said it was a serious violation of Halacha [Jewish Law], so serious as to be a betrayal of Judaism, the Torah and Halacha.

"The uprooting and expulsion plans are an unforgivable betrayal of the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel and the Land of Israel," is only one of the statements attributed to the rabbi of Kiryat Motzkin, David Druckman, for which he is facing disciplinary trial. This is at the recommendation of Attorney General Meni Mazuz, after several complaints were lodged against him by the Reform movement's Religious Action Center. The issue was discussed by a special court of the Chief Rabbinate, with Rabbi Simha Hacohen Kook, the rabbi of Rehovot, Rabbi Dr. Ratzon Arussi, the Rabbi of Kiryat Ono, and Rabbi Shear Yishuv Hacohen, the rabbi of Haifa, on the panel.

Druckman's lawyer, Rabbi Tzuriel Bublil, appeared on his behalf, who argued that not only is Rabbi Druckman being put on trial, but all the Rabbis of Israel, who consider Halacha to be the supreme arbiter. "Even the prophets of Israel used harsh statements, and they too were threatened with sanctions and trial. So what? Does this prove they were wrong?" he said. The prosecution was represented by Attorney Danny Vitman, a graduate of the Etzion Bloc hesder yeshiva, who argued that Rabbi Druckman, as somebody with an official position, was not allowed to speak out against a plan approved by the cabinet and the Knesset.

"The Reform-left wing onslaught against me is only because I dared to speak God's word against handing over Jewish settlements in the Land of Israel to the worst of our enemies," Rabbi Druckman said.

This article was published on June 7th, 2006 by Maariv

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