Israel Resource Review 23rd June, 2008


Israeli POW's - Murdered in Captivity?
David Bedein

On July 12th, 2006 , The Hizbullah terrorist organization, based in Lebanon , ambushed an Israeli patrol on the Israel-Lebanon border, killing eight Israeli soldiers and capturing two Israeli soldiers - Sergeant 1st Class Ehud Goldwasser and Staff Sergeant Eldad Regev

After Israeli intelligence confirmed that Goldwasser and Regev were indeed taken alive, the Israeli government demanded their release. When that demand was not met, the Israeli army invaded Lebanon. Yisrael Maimon, the former Israeli cabinet secretary, briefed the media a few days later and announced that the Israeli army operation in Lebanon would continue until both Israeli soldiers are released. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who arrived in Beirut in late July 2006, met with Hizbullah representatives and assured the world that both Israeli soldiers were still alive. The same confirmation that both soldiers were alive came later from the International Red Cross.

However, Israel agreed to the UN imposed cease fire under UN resolution 1701, on August 15th, 2006 , without the Hizbullah release of the two Israeli POWs.

That resulted in an international campaign launched by the government of Israel to demand the release of Goldwasser and Regev.

Now Israeli intelligence has received new evidence that both Israeli soldiers were murdered by Hizbullah, while in captivity.

The Israeli army Chief Rabbi, Brigadier-General Rabbi Avichai Ronski received all the information possessed by the security echelon and the Intelligence Branch of the Israeli army regarding Sergeant 1st Class Ehud Goldwasser and Staff Sergeant Eldad Regev.

The Rabbi has began the process of examining new documentation that. both soldiers were indeed summarily executed.

The Israeli army Human Resources commander, Major-General Eliezer Stern updated the families of the kidnapped soldiers about the process and promised to update them. Stern promise that any new information will be shared with them first, including any decisions that are made.

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