Israel Resource Review 15th March, 2009


Source: Hamas Allowed To Keep Platform In New Government
David Bedein

On March 13, United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said the United States government will not maintain relations with a Palestinian government that includes any organization that maintains a state of war with Israel, specifically mentioning Hamas.

However, the Palestinian Authority (PA) official media has delivered a clear message to Mrs. Clinton, rejecting her position.

According to the reliable Palestinian news agency Ma'an, the PA has said Hamas will be be allowed to keep its political position in any Palestinian government with Fatah.

A senior Fatah official, Ahmad Abd Ar-Rahman, said in a statement sent to Ma'an: "Fatah is working forward to reaching [an] agreement; it gave lots of initiatives within those meetings and ahead of them, and it still has the ability to cooperate with Egypt to reach a conclusion for the talks . . . Fatah wants a government that would not bring another blockade and a government that can unite the land and open the doors for the future. Hamas should not only worry who will join the government but should pay attention to the form and structure of it that will serve the people's interest until an agreement is reached

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