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pen Letter to the board of Akiba Hebrew Academy -. Keep the name AKIBA
David Bedein, Class of 1968

To: (Mitchell Cohen is the chairman of the board of Akiba . . . ) 4 Nisan 5767 23 March 2007

To the board of Akiba Hebrew Academy, Merion, Pa.

Concerning the idea that Akiba will rename itself after the name of a contributor's loved one:

Having studied at Akiba as a scholarship student, it is heartening to know that, thanks to a contribution from the Barrack family, there will now be a new generation of lower income families in Philadelphia who will once again be able to afford Jewish education.

At the same time, there is no reason for Akiba to drop the sacred name "Akiba" from its title.

It is one thing to ad the name of a contributor, and yet another thing to eradicate the name of Akiba.

Akiba's legacy involved his exemplary Torah study and his leadership against the Roman conquest.

Akiba paid the ultimate price of being executed for violating the capial crime of teaching Torah.

Unlike the names Dropsie and Solomon Schecter, whose names were eliminated from other Jewish educational institutions in Philadelphia, in favor of a contributor, neither name connoted a sense of "Kidush HaShem" .

Having spoken with Mr. Barrack, it is clear that the contributor has no problem leaving the name Akiba next to the name of his late brother, in whose name he has given the contribution.

This is therefore an appeal to the board of Akiba Hebrew Academy to leave the name "Akiba" as the name of he school.

Please consider the name, "Akiba Barrack Hebrew Academy" or "Akiba Hebrew Academy, endowed by the Barrack family", as alternatives.

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