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Official PA News Agency Threatens the US with "unpleasant surprises" if the Palestinian Arab People Do not Get What They Want

The issue is not a fragile ceasefire nor is a solid one; the issue is establishing foundations to implement the international legitimacy according to the UN and the Security Council's resolutions, which means that the demand is not stopping the Israeli terror and the Palestinian resistance, but it is solving the essential political issues, which is the only way to establish a suitable atmosphere for calming the violence, and return to the mutual trust through which coexistence can be materialized.

The USA Administration and the peace envoys should dig deep to find the roots of the explosions and all this terror against the Palestinian people that are bravely resisting it with their bare hands, naked chests and with the use of naïve and simple weapons.

If the key to solving the conflict was ceasefire, it should have been solved long ago, but it is not the ceasefire that matters, it is the fire that does, so what are the motives, the reasons and the justifications for both sides, the Israelis and the Palestinians? Israel is investing and planning to prolong the occupation and enforces it, to maintain the illegal settlements and to build new ones, and practices racism and discrimination against the Palestinians, depriving them their natural and legal rights, leading them to nowhere land by deceiving them and sabotaging their efforts to materialize their national goals and expectations.

The USA envoys exert their efforts in dealing with marginal insignificant and indecisive issues, wasting their efforts for nothing, aren't they aware of this fact? Or they are trying stalling to gain time by freezing the situation and cooling the area, so they can pass their schemes while the Palestinians, the Arabs and the coming Summit are calm and obedient anticipating positive results on the Palestinians grounds.

Surprising events and developments, took place in the past few hours, indicating that there is a gap between the course of events and the USA declared efforts and intentions of solving the conflict, aided by the Emir Abdullah's initiative and the Security Council's resolutions No. 1397.

Leaked information pointed out that there are some disputes between the Arab Leaders concerning the USA war against Iraq, which means that what was said publicly is not the same as what was said behind closed doors, so what really concerns us is the Palestinian issue, if they are too in the center of the Arab dispute? And what about the Israeli terror waged against the Palestinian people?

As we have said, solving the crisis, the disaster or the holocaust caused, by the Jews, to the Palestinians, with the full knowledge of the USA Administration, will not be by cooling the atmosphere and freezing the area, but by solving the essential and basic issues starting with the political issues then the occupation and the settlements and then the terrorist war waged against us, because war is a result and not a reason, and it is taking place because non of the political issues was solved mainly ending the occupation, for Palestinians like any other free nation, do not want to see the occupation to last any more nor seeing its lands being confiscated for building more settlements over its own hills and heights.

If the USA Administration seeks solving the conflict, then the above topics are to be dealt with, it has to drop the scheme of cooling the situation and freezing the area, and deal with the roots of the conflict, not the symptoms.

Regardless our fate and what is awaiting us confronting the elephant, we have not only to say our word, but as well to confront all the schemes, conspiracies, deception and the attempts to jump over state terror considering the legitimate resistance as terror.

We have nothing to lose, but we know that we have a lot to win even when seeing the Arab Leaders trembling around us, we have warned from coming series of explosions in the whole region, those explosions might be unseen and can not be predicted, but neglecting the rights and the will of the others might lead to unpleasant surprises, we think that the American people have suffered such surprises.

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New Orphans at the Graves of Their Parents:
Yehuda Golan and Ilil Shahar
Senior Correspondents, Maariv

On Thursday, March 21, 2002, Tzippora and Gadi Shemesh were murdered when an Arab blew himself up near them on King George Street in Jerusalem. Here is an account of their orphaned children after their funeral.

When the double funeral was over and the bodies of Tzippora and Gadi Shemesh were already covered by two mounds of earth, side by side, 7-year-old Shoval was brought in to see the freshly dug graves.

In a floral dress, wearing a shy smile, holding the hands of two social workers, Shoval came up and stood before the two temporary wooden markers bearing the names of her parents. The relatives who were still there came over to her, hugged her, and she looked around confused and just asked: "Are Mommy and Daddy here?" After about two minutes, the social workers took her away.

The two funerals lasted nearly two hours. Only in the morning was permission granted to bury Tzippi beside her husband Gadi, a career army man, at the Mt. Herzl military cemetery. At 12:15 p.m. the families arrived. Tzippi's mother, Mazal, was supported by relatives and wept heart-breakingly. When the two coffins arrived, shrouded in the national flag, a heart-rending cry went up from both families: Ben Hamo from Tzippi's side, and Shemesh from Gadi's side.

Shoval and her three-year-old sister Shahar did not attend the funeral itself. Gadi's brother, Mano, said, "Shoval woke up this morning and asked where Daddy and Mommy were. We started telling her. Shoval wrote a letter to her parents who are gone: "I'm writing you a letter because I'm saying goodbye to you, because I won't see you for a long time.'"

And then, after everyone left, including Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Mayor Ehud Olmert, little Shoval came to visit Daddy and Mommy.

Shiva [the Jewish week of mourning] is being observed at the grandmother's house in Pisgat Zeev. The two girls, Shoval and Shahar, walk among the guests and smile, as if they do not grasp how great the disaster is. On Friday, relatives, with the help of social workers and a psychologist , tried to explain to Shoval and Shahar that their parents had been killed. "Shoval understood. Shahar did not grasp it. From time to time she cries and yells that she want to go to Mommy. Shoval talks about Mommy and Daddy being in heaven, that they're asleep and feel good. Shahar doesn't understand. She says, 'If they're asleep let's wake them,' or 'Let's bring Mommy a chair so that she can get down from heaven,'" Yigal Shemesh, Gadi's brother, recounted yesterday.

The relatives do not know yet what the two little girls will do after the shiva is over. "We'll meet, consult with social workers and figure out what's best for the girls."

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Documents Seized at the PLO Orient House Reveal Arafat's Direct Orders to the Tanzim
Michael Widlanski
Columnist, "The Media Line"

Israel has uncovered documents in recent days that irrefutably link Yasser Arafat with acts of terror being committed by the Fatah Tanzeem militia and by other terror organizations.

Other documents strongly suggest that Arafat and his lieutenants had been planning the current war of attrition (called "Infitada" by them) well before September 2000-perhaps as early as late 1995--and that they had no intention of reaching a peaceful compromise settlement with Israel.

"These documents--many of them signed by Arafat--are more than a smoking gun. They are a smoking pen--a pen dripping blood--held by Arafat," declared Uzi Landau, Israel's Minister of Public Security, who made the documents available to the A.P.

The documents were part of the archives containing tens of thousands of papers kept at "Orient House" a set of buildings owned by Feisal Husseini, Yasser Arafat's personal representative in Jerusalem (until his death late last year), and the Palestinian Authority's headquarters in the Israeli capital.

The buildings were closed down by order of Security Minister Landau, with the backing of the Israeli courts, because the Palestinian Authority is not allowed to maintain national institutions under terms of treaties signed with Israel.

Additional documents in the archives seized by Israeli authorities reveal close links between Arafat (and the institutions he controls) and Islamic terror groups such as HAMAS and the Holy Land Foundation (connected to Al-Qaeda).

The documents also show that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has a strong relationship with Saddam Hussein's Iraq and was glad to receive special monetary aid derived from Iraqi oil revenues made under special arrangement with the U.N.

Among the notable finds amid the thousands of documents are:

  • signed orders by Arafat to pay Tanzeem members who were known hit-men;
  • signed reports on terror activities, asking for more budgetary disbursements, directed to the man who was Arafat's personal representative in Jerusalem-Feisal Husseini;
  • and signed orders by Arafat to give official officers' commissions in the Palestinian Army to members of the Tanzeem militia, which is an un-uniformed army that is illegal under international law.

"Arafat denied involvement in the arms shipments of the 'Karinne A', but he cannot deny these documents that show he and his top aides planned and financed acts of terror," declared Dr. Landau.

The documents may serve to put an end to the question whether Arafat controls the Tanzeem or is being controlled by it.

In addition, the archival material contains many handwritten notes and letters as well as typewritten articles and essays signed by leading Palestinians such as Arafat himself, Husseini and Tanzeem leader Marwan Barghouti.

The material suggests very strongly, among other things, that:

  • The Tanzeem is an integral part of the Palestinian Authority's military branches, and its men operate essentially as an un-uniformed army, contrary to international law;
  • Yasser Arafat has formal and practical control of the Tanzeem, contrary to analyses that have contended that Tanzeeem is independent of Arafat's control;
  • And Marwan Barghouthi regularly reports to Yasser Arafat even on seemingly minute details of his organization's operations-even the appointment and rank of a mid-to-high-level officer;

One of the most telling revelations of the documents is that the broadly accepted view that Arafat "leaves the details to others" is completely incorrect.

In fact, the documents repeatedly show that Arafat is in day-to-day control of the details of all his organizations, relaying the information for comment to the senior members of his military branches-for example, to Generals Haj Ismail, Abdel-Razek Mujaida and Haj Mutlik (who handles military salaries for the PA).

Detailed coverage of the Orient House documents, including photographs of them and background material, is available at the Media Line webside.

© 2002 Michael Widlanski, The Media Line,

Michael Widlanski is senior analyst at The Media Line and lecturer at The Rothberg School of the Hebrew University. Fuller versions of his articles are available at the Media Line webside.

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Saudi-initiated Peace Plan to be Presented in Beirut: Includes the "Right of Return"
Reuters in Beirut

Thanks to IMRA for locating this on the wire.

Beirut (Reuters), March 24, 2002- Following is a translation of a draft text obtained by Reuters of a Saudi-initiated peace plan, due to be debated at an Arab summit here Wednesday and Thursday:

The Council of the Arab League, which convenes at the level of a summit on March 27-28, 2002, in Beirut, affirms the Arab position that achieving just and comprehensive peace is a strategic choice and goal for the Arab states.

After the Council heard the statement of Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in which he called for the establishment of normal relations in the context of a comprehensive peace with Israel, and that Israel declares its readiness to withdraw from the occupied Arab territories in compliance with U.N. resolutions 242 and 338 and Security Council resolution 1397, enhanced by the Madrid (peace) conference and the land-for-peace principle, and the acceptance of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state with al-Quds al-Sharif (Jerusalem) as its capital, the Council calls on the Israeli government to review its policy and to resort to peace while declaring that just peace is its strategic option.

The Council also calls on Israel to assert the following:

Complete withdrawal from the Arab territories occupied since 1967, including full withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and the remaining occupied parts of south Lebanon to the June 4, 1967, lines.

To accept to find an agreed, just solution to the problem of Palestinian refugees in conformity with Resolution 194.

To accept an independent and sovereign Palestinian state on the Palestinian lands occupied since June 4, 1967, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and with Jerusalem (al-Quds al-Sharif) as its capital in accordance with Security Council Resolution 1397.

In return, the Arab states assert the following:

  • To consider the Arab-Israeli conflict over and to enter into a peace treaty with Israel to consolidate this.
  • To achieve comprehensive peace for all the states of the region.
  • To establish normal relations within the context of comprehensive peace with Israel.

The (Arab summit) council calls on the Israeli government and the Israelis as a whole to accept this initiative to protect the prospects of peace and to spare bloodshed so as to enable the Arab states and Israel to coexist side by side and to provide for the coming generations a secure, stable and prosperous future.

It calls on the international community with all its organisations and states to support the initiative.

The council calls on its presidency, its secretary general and its follow-up committee to follow up on the special contacts related to this initiative and to support it on all levels, including the United Nations, the United States, Russia, the European Union and the Security Council.

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