Israel Resource Review 3rd October, 2008


Samir Kuntar Video Clip - Born To Murder
David Bedein

One of Israel's leading investigative reporters, Ronen Bergman, has gained access to a Hezbollah video clip, apparently taken with a cell phone camera, showing Samir Kuntar, the convicted murderer of an Israeli family who was recently released from jail in exchange for the corpses of two murdered Israeli soldiers.

The clip showed Mr. Kuntar being trained to fire a rocket-propelled grenade launcher (RPG).

After his return to Lebanon, Mr. Kuntar announced that he would resume his military activity, and donned a Hezbollah uniform almost as soon as he crossed the border.

The images that Mr. Bergman showed this week, which have not yet been published in Hezbollah's official media, were the first in which he was seen actually training.

The caption added to the clip was titled "Samir Kuntar - first steps on the battlefield," and the text read: "It would appear that the master of the released prisoners Samir Kuntar is putting into practice his words in the southern Dahiya quarter: 'I have come back from Palestine in order to return to activity.'"

In the clip itself, just before Mr. Kuntar fires the RPG, someone can be heard in the background introducing him as follows: "This is Abu Ali Samir firing." After he fires, the group tells him that he has returned "to that time, the days of 1976." Later on in the clip, Mr. Kuntar, who is as happy as can be, asks permission to fire again and continues firing.

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