Israel Resource Review 7th November, 2000


Official PA Radio News - the PBC Radio, November 7

Summary and Analysis

The Voice of Palestine continues to emphasize Palestinian deaths and casualties, focusing on graphic accounts of injuries (e.g. "Israeli bullets struck his heart" or "occupation bullets pierced his eye"-from November 6, 9 p.m. news) and detailed reports of the use of heavy weapons (the various calibers of bullets, the model of tanks and missiles in each attack) against peaceful Palestinian residences.

At the same time, VOP is anxious to convey to its audience in Arabic that diplomatic efforts to bring an international protection force are reaping fruit and that the Palestinians are not alone. VOP continues to focus on health missions from Arab countries who are sending blood and taking wounded for treatment.

VOP emphasized in its morning broadcasts that Gaza airport is once more open.

In both this morning's and last evening's reports, there is a tone of confidence (despite the apprehension at being isolated) that the Palestinian Leadership is in control of events and can negotiate from strength even with President Clinton (whose presidential title is sometimes dropped from references [see below]-and not by accident).

Quote of the Day

"Home Rule Minister Saeb Erikat announced that President Yasser Arafat will tell President Clinton in their meeting that there is no solution except an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. And Erikat affirmed, speaking before the Legislative Assembly in Ramallah, that President Arafat will make it clear to Clinton any proposal that does not include Holy Jerusalem as capital of our independent state will refused by our side."

Responsibility for Events

VOP continues to broadcast prominently the statements and interviews of the Fatah Tanzeem organization and the Fatah Shabiba Organization along with lengthy and positive interviews with their leaders,such as Marwan Barghrouti. For example, last night VOP beamed a statement to its listeners from the Fatah Shabiba (Fatah Youth) organization lauding the 40-day-long intifada (note: beginning September 26/7, the day before Sharon visited Jerusalem holy sites) in line with the unity of purpose of the Palestinian Leadership.

The statement read in part: "Executing the intifada is an effort to achieve the goals of freedom and independence for our people, establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."

The continuing appearance of Fatah Tanzeem and Fatah Shabiba statements and spokesmen on VOP is a strong sign that their statements and actions have the sanction of the Palestinian Authority which operates VOP.

Detail and Headlines

November 7 - Morning Headlines

  • "Three more martyrs yesterday and their names are Muhammad Nawaf al-Taaban, Muhammad Mustafa Najar and Wajdi Alam Khatab;
  • The Leadership meets to discuss the latest developments of continuing Israeli aggression, and the Leadership thanked Arab and international efforts at cooperation and aid;
  • His Excellency President Arafat met last night with the Qatari foreign Minister?
  • "Moving its tanks and artillery forward, occupation forces attacked in Dura, Jericho and Salfit;
  • UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson begins her mid-east trip tomorrow;

Addendum to Morning Edition

The Voice of Israel in Hebrew and the Jerusalem Post reported this morning that the Palestinian Authority had informed the B'tselem Movement (that monitors Israeli human rights abuses) that it would try to keep children under 16 years of age from participating in demonstrations thatmightturn violent.

Btselem told Voice of Israel that PA Information and Culture Minister Yasser Abed-Rabbo assured B'tselem that the PA had begun a campaign to prevent children from being drawn into violent confrontations.

However, on voice of palestine radio there was no sign whatsoever of this campaign.

VOP did not report even once the problem of children getting wounded and sometimes killed.

Indeed, minister Yasser Abed-Rabbo, who appeared in a live interview with VOP this morning at 7:40 a.m., did not make any comment at all about the children in violent demonstrations or rioting.

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