Israel Resource Review 6th October, 1997


Official Palestine Authority Paper Mocks U.S. Secretary of State Albright

The following is a translation of an article which appeared in the official Palestinian Authority newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, on 3rd October, 1997. The translation was provided by the "Palestine Media Review"

Antipathetic Woman
by Hafet al-Barghouti, Editor
Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda
October 3, 1997

In the past, when Maelein Albright served as representative of her country and Israel to the United Nations, she adopted vulgar and insolent positions against the Arabs, which she would follow with sycophantic flattery. But after becoming Secretary of State and discovering her [Jewish] origins, she stopped the flattery. Two days ago she declared that the settlements are legal. a position which contradicts the declared American position for decades.

Settlement is actively taking place with the blessing of American blood-suckers such as Moskowitz, and with official American financing ... but the position adopted by Albright indicates she has reached the stage of "immorality", in the popular understanding of the expression. She is no longer perturbed any Arab condemnations.

The lady visited the region and spat like a snake in the face of Arab statesmen. They praised her and would have sung love songs to here were it not for her advanced age and the fact that she has passed her prime and is no loner fit for anything, except for serving Israel and defending it ...."

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Apologize if You Want Canada
to Understand New Hamas Threat

by David S. Bedein, MSW
Media Research Analyst
Bureau Chief: Israel Resource News Agency
Beit Agron International Press Center

On October 1, 1997, a few hours before the New Jewish Year began this year, Gazan Hamas leader Abdul Aziz Rantissi declared that he would dispatch more suicide bombers into Israel, to kill Israelis indiscriminately, whether they are civilians or military personnel.

On October 5, following the Jewish new year, you might have expected that Rantissi's incitement and an appropriate Israeli government response would lead the news.

It did not.

Instead, the lead news items were the botched assassination attempt of a Hamas leader in Jordan, where two Israelis were caught with fake Canadian passports, and Israel's freeing from jail of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Achmed Yassin to Jordan, and Yassin's imminent to a hero's welcome by Arafat in Gaza.

The continuing rancor in the Israeli and world media over the Israeli's prime minister's handling of the assassination attempt in Jordan served to distract everyone from the real and present danger posed by the Hamas.

A case in point:

One of Israel's leading Arab affairs correspondents, Gidon Levy, who at times does not hide his personal identification with the Palestinian Arab national movement, reports how the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Arab refugee camp of Deheishe, whose open sewers and "temporary housing" are located just south of Bethlehem, has become "hamsified" of late.

Gidon Levy warns that Hamas incitement, not discouraged by Arafat's Palestine Authority, is now "inspiring" every part of the Deheishe community, including grade school children, are preparing massive suicide attacks against Israeli targets, unless and until Israel allows the Deheishe residents to return to the village of Zacharia where they left in 1948. Zacharia, located just west of Jerusalem, is populated by Jews who left Arab countries in 1948. However, the UN resolution #194, passed each year at the UN, assures Arab refugees that they have the "inalienable" right to return to the homes that they left in 1948.

Canada, for one, leads the effort to fund the facilities of the UNRWA camp in Deheishe. Under normal circumstances, Israel would ask Canada to play a restraining role with UNRWA.

However, these are not normal circumstances.

If Israel is to regain the trust and confidence of Canada, so that Ottawa can again understand the security challenge posed anew by a reinvigorated Hamas, the Israeli prime minister should use the occasion of Yom Kippur, the traditional Jews "day of atonement", to sincerely apologize to Canada for Israel's recent bad judgment.

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