Doodling for Saddam

B. Arabs as helpless in the face of the United States

The Arab states are usually represented by a globe with a mustache. This community is small, demure and constantly suffering insults from the United States. These Arabs are often shown as sleeping through the crisis as the United States arms for war. In the view of the Palestinian cartoons, Arab solidarity is an illusion, Arab decisions a sham and Arab determination a fiction. Indeed, the cartoons often show the Arabs as puppets of the United States, talking tough, doing little.

Al Hayat Al Jedida, Dec. 10, 2002

Arab bends over as he says "I came to show solidarity."

Al Hayat Al Jedida, Dec. 19, 2002

Arabs try to keep warm in torn cloak of "Arab solidarity."

Al Quds, Dec. 19, 2002

The fickleness of UN decisions on Iraq: "Decisions are subject to change."

Al Ayyam, Feb. 18, 2003

Arab leaders play "broken telephone" at summit to discuss Iraq.

Al Hayat Al Jedida, Feb. 9, 2003

The Arab world can't find its muscle.

Al Hayat Al Jedida, Feb. 9, 2003

The Arab world can't catch the mosquito that will start the war.

Al Hayat Al Jedida, Jan. 9, 2003

Arab diplomats calmly read their reams of protocol as the bomb drops.

Al Quds, Feb. 7, 2003

Gulf Arab holds sign reading:
"No to the U.S. buildup"
as he serves as anchor to American warship.

Al Quds, Feb. 17, 2003

Europeans protest as Arabs are silenced from supporting Iraq.

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