Treatment for Diabetes and Asthma
by the Piotrowicz Method

A non-invasive, complementary treatment for Diabetes and Asthma using the principles of bioenergy, positive energy feed back and biofield enhancement. This alternative treatment system has been successful in helping over 100,000 people.

In order for you to understand the simplicity and effectiveness of the Piotrowicz method, I would like first to describe how my wife and I came to use the method.

In 1994, my wife, Daphna, had been suffering from diabetes for seven years. In addition, she suffered from asthma and severe arthritis. Our lives were a nightmare, since she was almost unable to function. During that time, I worked in the insurance business, and often came home late. At least twice a week I would have to rush my wife to hospital at night apart from resuscitation, there were the endless repetitive tests. Real treatment certainly wasn't available.

For most of the day my wife would sit in the kitchen. Her leg was always up on a chair and showed dark discoloration's, the beginnings of gangrene. We were certain that this would lead to its amputation. Her eyes bulged, her whole body was blown up and red, her vision had deteriorated and her memory was affected. She would forget most of what was said to her, what she said would sometimes be irrelevant, and she sometimes burst out with things that were totally uncomprehendable, at least by our children.

At the time, my father was 84 years old and living in Copenhagen. In March 1994 he sent us some innersoles in the mail. In his letter, he wrote that these had helped his health, and suggested that maybe they would be of assistance to my wife. The innersoles were accompanied by a brochure, in Polish (a language that I understand), with diagrams showing how to insert the innersoles into the shoes. Daphna, whose regular shoe size was 39, was then wearing a size 42. I put the innersoles into her shoes, although I didn't expect anything to happen. I was rather skeptical about these rather plain innersoles. Why did I try them? Because I knew that my father wasn't the kind of person to play a joke on me.

On the third day, after my wife took off her shoes before bed, she began to scream with pain. She told me that she was not going to continue walking with this "gift" that caused her so much pain. Until then, I hadn't believed that these innersoles would have any sort of effect. Now, however, I told her that she had to persevere, since it was clear that they had some sort of effect on her legs. She did, indeed, persevere, and after about three weeks, the discoloration on her legs began to fade.

It was then that I read the brochure for the first time. Among the things that I read was that the innersoles needed to be replaced every two months, until the body achieves equilibrium. The following day I called the inventor, arranged a meeting, and flew out to Poland. Over the course of the following two days I heard an in-depth explanation of the method and of why such a simple item can bring about such a radical change in the course of the disease. In the end, I signed an exclusive marketing agreement (the product is protected by a patent), and brought back to Israel the first 200 pairs.

Till now the product has been sold solely on the basis of its growing reputation. We have thousands of satisfied customers, thanks to the vigorous efforts of Daphna, who, having recovered totally from her diabetes, asthma and arthritis, decided to dedicate herself to the promotion of the method.

There are now many, many cases of people who suffered from diabetes, asthma and other conditions, and who have been cured or have had a significant improvement in their condition. Our agents are all people who have been helped by using the innersoles, or who have children who have been helped, and who have therefore decided to become involved.

Biostimulators and the PIOKAL method invented and developed by Kazimierz Piotrowicz constitute a powerful weapon against many diseases. There is a reason for its success. Kazimierz Piotrowicz saw something that the medical profession overlooked.

What did they overlook and what did Kazimierz Piotrowicz notice? He explains: It turned out that all the other degenerative diseases have a common background: they develop faster in people, whose capability for adaptation is weakened. I started to think about it. What is it that determines that some people get sick often and die prematurely, while others live longer and healthier lives? Yes, life style and nutrition are significant here, but transfer of information within the organism is of decisive influence. Disturbances of this structure in particular, or of our biofield in general, denote gradual loss of adaptability. Particular systems, and even specific cells of an organism can stop collaborating harmoniously, because they 'do not know', what they should be doing. When an organism cannot destroy an infection at the proper time or shows pathological activity (directing its immunological strength against its own tissues thus allowing growth of neoplastic cells) and can only notifies itself by means of pain that there are physiological imperfections, then we are confronted by a degenerative disease. A prolonged state of maladjustment leads to deepening of the disease and later on to premature death.

As long as proper circulation of information is not restored in the organism, illnesses develop and medications help only temporarily. It is a Sysiphean labor to fighting the effect and not the cause of a disease. This is so because matter and energy are the substance and the engine but information is the content of their existence. The photographs below show the effect of strengthening the biofield through the interaction with the Biostimulators.

When signals that are reflected and amplified in the cycle of positive feedback this intensify information transfer and increases the efficiency of the bioenergothermic system of the organism. The circulation system adjusts, the immune system strengthens and the information of the genetic code (DNA) is properly read and implemented. We know that toxic compounds are ubiquitous in our environment today. They disturb information transfer and metabolism. Our biofield is also disturbed by radio transmissions, TV transmissions, signals of cellular telephones, and by weakening magnetic field of the Earth. Stresses are an additional harmful factor that is related to civilization. The 'flight or fight' mechanism is usually useless in contemporary society. The additional amounts of adrenaline, noradrenaline, glucose, salt, etc. produced by this mechanism are not used up in a natural way. The various mechanisms of stresses and their influence on health are described in more detail in my book "Treatment by information transfer". It contains also my observations related to faith, psychological interaction and other non-specific factors influencing health, especially "miraculous healing." Adjusting the metabolism by way of the PIOKAL method gets rid of internal tensions and stresses. Use of this biostimulator leads, furthermore, to a general good feeling, relaxation, better concentration and the kind of deep sleep associated with clear dreams. Such sleep regenerates the system after psychological tiredness and also stimulate the function of the pineal gland. In summation: PIOKAL biostimulators close the cycle of positive changes in an organism. They increase the efficiency of information transfer in the organism. The better the information transfer, the better the metabolism. The better the metabolism, the stronger the biofield. The stronger the biofield, the better the information transfer.

Now, for the first time, we have decided to advertise the product to the general public, in order to allow sufferers of diabetes or asthma in particular to improve their situation and, if they persist with the method, even to eradicate the disease. Since the method requires perseverance in using the innersoles and replacing them every 6-8 weeks, we are supplying innersole kits: 10 pairs for $300. This will be sufficient for 16 months, and during that time there should be a significant improvement or even total elimination of the disease.

In order to take benefit from our current sales campaign, please send a check for $300 or give us your credit card details. You will receive by return mail a set of 10 bioenegeretic innersoles, produced by PIOKAL, along with instructions on how to use them and the reactions you may expect.

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