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Tel-Aviv - Israel's economic and social nerve center. It is among those international cities that never sleep. Whereas so much throughout Israel is ancient and revered, Tel-Aviv, founded in 1909, is often characterized as vibrant and fun; it is in many ways the most Israeli of Israel's cities. Israel's major high tech industries, her banking centers, stock market, world renowned diamond bursa, fashion industry and other large businesses are based in Tel-Aviv.

Established by European immigrants, Tel-Aviv, in spite of its rush to the next century, still manages to retain some of the character and charm of Middle-Europe. This is felt in her leafy, tree-lined boulevards, popular outdoor dining, and bauhause architecture. Situated on the Mediterranean Ocean, Tel-Aviv is a port city whose municipal harbor is usually filled with small boats and fisherman, both commercial and hobbyists. Her extraordinary boardwalk and beaches are lined with some of the finest hotel chains in the world. The boardwalk runs south to the ancient port city of Jaffa known primarily for its fishing, artists' galleries, and fine restaurants.

North Tel-Aviv is home to Tel-Aviv University, a major international liberal arts and science institution. Israel's public Open University and the Diaspora Museum lie adjacent. North Tel-Aviv is also known for its posh, up-scale residences and cultural life.

For ethnic flavors, sights and sounds, the city's Yemenite Quarter and Carmel Market are unsurpassable. There is also a traditional Flea Market where one finds just about anything for sale, except, of course, fleas.

Tel-Aviv is culture - world class art museums, theatre and home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Tel-Aviv is nightlife - major rock concerts and all-night pubs. Tel-Aviv is shopping - from London's Marks and Spencer to Israel's own Gottex. Tel-Aviv is happening....

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North Tel Aviv (Alozorov) Train & Bus Station


  • Apartment (One bedroom, one living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet),
    Finkelstein, Tel: (+972-3) 605-9706, Fax: (+972-3) 546-7851, E-mail: ehudf@netvision.net.il
    Fully furnished (Air condition, cable TV, phone), in Bavli (not far from Tel-Aviv University).
    Short rentals for tourists and visiting professors.

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Car Rentals

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