Getting to Know Us

The World Wide Web is a great place, an almost infinite source of information, services, goods and contacts. It is Wide, and covers the whole World -- but don't you sometimes want to look behind the screen and meet the people there?

So let's lift up the screen and meet the staff of israelVisit.


Aryeh Zelasko is director of sales and marketing.

Aryeh Zelasko Aryeh grew up in Chicago (not everyone's perfect?), going to Von Steuben High School, and later graduating from Ohio State University.

Additionally, he spent some years learning in Yeshivas [rabbinical seminaries] in both the States and Israel.

Having lived in Israel since 1977, he currently resides in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. Before Beitar, Aryeh dwelt in a tiny village called Ma'alei Amos. This village, the traditional home of the Biblical prophet Amos, sits right on the edge of the Judean Desert. He has been happily married for the past 24 years to Anita Haupt, formally of Philadelphia, and they have three children.

Aryeh's expertise comes from many directions. He has worked in Public Administration, run a corner store and also spent a short stint in the Israel Defense Forces, where he reached the lofty rank of Corporal.

You can contact Aryeh at He'll be delighted to hear from you and might even respond.

Menachem Kuchar

Menachem Kuchar When Menachem's awake, the folks in office make believe that he runs the show. (In reality, it's run by an answering machine and a IBM golfball typewriter*.)

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Menachem spent half his childhood on Coogee, Bondi or Camp Cove beaches. When his parents were able to drag him screaming off the beach, he went to the then notorious Randwick Boys' High School, followed by about ten years on the University of New South Wales library lawn, where they eventually awarded him a bachelors degree and even a masters degree to get him off the grass.

Menachem also put in a couple of years at some (prestigious and less prestigious) Israeli Yeshivas [rabbinical seminaries] but never quite made it to Rabbi. (He never made it to private in the army either.)

Spending most of his professional years talking to computers, Menachem, in 1992, set up a company called (for reasons that would occupy a full web page, and are probably irrelevant anyway) the marksman testing system limited which has another website elsewhere in cyberspace. For the record however, this company owns israelVisit, which is only important to know when you purchase something via this site, and wonder who the marksman is on your card statement! Nowadays it's all done with PayPal and the name you see may not be Marksman, but PizzaIDF, which is worth a visit. Yummy!

In fact markman's psychometric assessments are now marketed via, mainly because if you're not a dot com you probably are not.

Menachem lives in Efrat, the ancient home of the Biblical Boaz and Ruth (of King David fame). King David grazed his sheep and goats in his yard. He is married to Jillian Fisher, who is a third generation Sydneysider, and they have six children (2 of whom are fourth generation Sydney people).

You can attempt to contact Menachem at

Visit Menachem's Photographs
and Menachem the Raconteur

*If you don't know what this is, try your local museum (or ask your grandmother).

If you are interested in advertising on the israelVisit site, or participating in any other way, or even passing along a comment or anecdote, feel free to contact Aryeh or Menachem by e-mail. You can also phone us on (+972-2) 992-2962, or even fax us on (+972-2) 993-3792 (and we still have a thermal fax machine -- gives the best resolution for graphis, but may fade away before you can reread it).

We are always on the lookout for Israel and Judaica related information.