Biblical Garments

BEGED IVRI was established in 1983 based on a vision of how the Israelites dressed as a free people, upright in their Land.

Awaking before dawn, ritually immersing in the mikve, our ancestors would don their Israelite garment, ascend the Temple Mount, and await the sunrise and the beginning of the daily Temple Service.

How did they dress?
How are we dressing?

Beautiful Biblical attire for the modern Israelite, for worship and general wear
Black coats?
Black hats?
Suits and ties?
The fashion of Borough Park
.... or perhaps Paris?
Of course not!

The beautiful Biblical fashion for the modern Israelite was born of that vision.

Starting out as a bedsheet folded, pinned, and cut while the vision was still "hot" -- Beged Ivri has over the last 13 years strived to meet the growing demand created by the availability of native Israelite garments.

What follows are some of our more popular styles ...

You can order many of the products on these pages directly from our on-line catalog.

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