KOLEL AMERICA Tiphereth Jerusalem


Phone: (02) 628-5950

Kolel America is the oldest American Jewish organization in Israel. Established in 1895 by the then Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, O.B.M. (also known as the Brisker Rav), the primary goals of the organization have always been to promote the welfare of former North Americans living in Israel.

In 1899, Nahum Harris, a retired American living is Jersualem, passed away and left his home in Mea Shearim to Kolel America to be used as a synagogue. The synagogue was dedicated the same year and named Tipherith Yerushalayim (The Glory of Jerusalem). The synagogue is graced by a handcarved wooden Aron Kodesh and for over 60 years was the only American Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Kolel America provides a HOTLINE crisis service. Every day a minyon of ten scholars go to the Western Wall (Kotel HaMaravi) to pray for the benefit of those who have requested help. The types of help people request include: recovery from illness, success in business, marital tranquility, easy childbirth, success in finding a spouse, safe journey and many other topics. To contact the HOTLINE, fax to (+972-2) 285-939. Please include the full name of the person or persons in need of help and the name of their mother and the nature of the problem.

The Kolel also provides financial support to around 7,000 people of North American origin living in Israel. This is the largest single activity of the Kolel. There is also a limited amount of free housing available to help scholars of limited means. There are plans to build more housing within the next five years.

A YAHRZEIT service is provided by Kolel America. During the first year after the departed has passed away, three times a day a minyon of ten scholars will say KADDISH, learn MISHNA and kindle an eternal light in memory of the departed. Thereafter every year on the YAHRZEIT KADDISH will be said, MISHNA learned and a memorial light lit. The family will be notified one month in advance of the YAHRZEIT.

A FREE LOAN FUND is operated by the Kolel for the benefit of any Jerusalem resident in need of a loan.

The oldest American Jewish organization in Israel is planning to expand its scope of activities by building a catering hall to meet the needs of those who want catering according to North American standards. All profit from this enterprise will go to support the activities of Kolel America.

When you're in Jerusalem, drop by and visit the the oldest American Jewish organization in Israel.