Again this year
Mishloach Manot for Purim
to your family and friends in Israel,
to our active duty soldiers
and to the children living in Yesha

This year has been a very difficult year in YESHA -- Yehuda, the Shomron and Gaza. The pressure is now on us from all sides: the local Arabs, the U.S. Administration and even from our own government. However, against the odds and with HaShem's help, we continue to live and grow here in Yesha -- and to work and produce as well. Last year we pointed out the international forces that were attempting to close down our industries -- this year the Israeli government has conceded to the boycott.

During this extremely difficult time, your support of our communities is vital. As a friend of Yesha we are sure that you realize that the best way to guarantee the continuation and development of our settlements is to ensure that there are local industries and work for the people living here. This is what makes our project so special.

Once again this Purim (now for the sixth year running) we are giving you the opportunity to send delicious and beautifully presented mishloach manot of Yesha products. Send these to your family, friends and children studying in Israel.

You can also send to Israeli soldiers serving in YESHA and the Golan. As always, include your messages of support to them -- they enable us all to celebrate Purim with our families. (You can see some approbation letters from previous years and messages sent to the soldiers.)

Our children living in YESHA are on the front line every day, on their way to and from school, playing with friends after school and well, just in general. You can send them Mishloach Manot with your messages of support. These manot contain a Purim toy.

As you are aware, the people under the greatest pressure at this time are the families living on the so-called hill-tops, the machazim, and in the various communities in Aza (Gaza). The Sharon Government has decided to start implementing its policy of dismantling our communities at these small outposts and in Azza. You can send encouragement to the families on the government's hit-list by sending them Mishlaoch Manot with your messages of support and gratitude.

Our beautiful packages contain quality products,
all produced in Yesha.
These are mishloach manot the recipients will want to keep!

As in the past, all our products are Kosher L'Mehadrin,
with both Badatz & Rabbanut Hechsherim.

Due to the deteriorating situation in Yesha, you can fulfill your obligation of matanot l'evyonim (money for the poor on Purim) via this our Mishloach Manot order form. We are collecting money on behalf of the Orot haChessed charity organization, chaired by Rabbi Hanan Porat. They will distribute the money on Purim, directly to needy families in Yesha, thereby allowing you to carry out the mitzva fully in Israel, in Yesha. Contributions over $250 are U.S. tax deductible.

Tell your friends about this way to help to support Yesha
and to support our soldiers on active duty in Yesha on Purim as well.

We have produced certificates that you can send to your friends and relatives telling them that you have send Mishloach Manot to soldiers and children in Yesha in lieu of sending personnal Mishloach Manot.

Please be sure to send in your orders no later than Tuesday, 2nd March, 2004 to ensure delivery in time for Purim. For Yerushalyim, as well as soldiers, children and hill-tops, you can order until Thursday 4th.

Please for more information.