A summary of B'HAR, B'CHUKOSAI, LEV. 25-27

Every 7th year, Jews are forbidden to work the land of Israel; all are free to gather the produce. These laws also apply to the 50th year, proclaimed a jubilee by a Yom Kippur shofar; land then returns to its original tribal owners- sales are treated as constantly redeemable leases, except in non-Levitical walled cities (calculations of the rental value must be honest). Jewish servants are set free. Jews must help their impovrished brethren with interest-free loans; they may not treat them as slaves; but they may buy them as redeemable servants, for up to 6 years of service. Only God is their true Master.

CH. 26: No idols or stones of worship are allowed in Israel (cf. museums). God's Sabbaths (7th day and 7th year) are to be kept and His sanctuary held in awe- I AM GOD.

B'CHUKOSAI: Israel's national blessings in every realm, and God's Presence in their midst, are linked to fulfillment of God's Torah. Otherwise, increasingly horrible curses will come, culminating in exile to Golders Green or L.A. A small broken remnent will survive exile and regret their leaving God. Then He'll remember His patriarchal covenants and the Land, which celebrated its Sabbatical years, while desolate. God will never abandon His Exodus and Sinai Covenants with Israel.

CH. 27 gives the arbitrary price of redemption of one pledged to the sanctuary, depending upon age and gender (based on work value). Animals cannot be redeemed, unless unfit for sacrifice. A 20% surcharge is imposed on redeemed sacred property, except for that declared "cherem", which is unredeemable. Animal tithes are random and unredeemable. THESE ARE THE COMMANDMENTS WHICH GOD COMMANDED MOSHE, FOR THE SONS OF ISRAEL, ON MT. SINAI.

So we finish Leviticus.

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