A SUMMARY of Moshe's passionate song, HAAZINU,
Deut. 32 (=lev, heart).

God created a perfect world, corrupted by Man. Israel will bring humanity back to Eden, but only after itself turning away from God and suffering long exile. Moshe ascends Mt. N'vo to view Israel and die, without entering it. After Moshe's blessings, Jewish history continues in Joshua, the endless Torah returns to Genesis, and Moshe's exposition of the Torah is carried on by the sages in Mishna Brachot.

THE HAFTORA is 2S22, David's song of praise to God, Who saved him from his enemies and from Saul. If Haazinu is read on Shabbat Shuva, the haftora is SHUVA YISROEL, HOSHEA 14:2-10, MICHA 7:18-20, & YOEL 2:11-27. Varied customs exist as to the verses read and their order. Israel must return to God, Who will welcome them back with love and revive them; no other force can help them. A great teacher will then lead Israel, who will praise God; His Presence will dwell in their midst in a restored State of Israel.

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