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Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)

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Jerusalem - the capital of the State of Israel and ancient capital of the Kingdom of Israel. Founded by King David, Jerusalem is sacred to the three principal monotheistic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Jerusalem is old. In 1996 Jerusalem celebrated its 3,000th birthday. Jerusalem is young. 30% of Jerusalem's population is under the age of 12.

Jerusalem is a city full of both antique sites and modern attractions. The walls of the Old City surround an inner world of faith, ancient culture and mystery. Yet within a relatively short distance one encounters the world of high technology, cutting-edge scientific research and 21st century design.

Jerusalem is the seat of Israel's government, the Knesset, her Supreme Court and the location of her largest educational institution, the Hebrew University.

Jerusalem is noted for is unique beauty complimented by its agglomeration of sights, smells and sounds. These can be experienced in a stroll through either the Old City shuk or West Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda market. But it is also is a city filled with gardens, parks, sculpture, outdoor cafes, museums and music.

Tradition says "Ten parts of beauty were bestowed upon the earth; of these, nine were given to Jerusalem".


Jerusalem Institutions

  • Kolel America Tipheret Jerusalem
    8 Meah Shearim Street, Jerusalem. Tel: (02) 628-5950
    The oldest American Jewish organization in Israel.

  • Beit Knesset Moreshet Yisrael
    4 Agron Street, Jerusalem. Tel: (02) 625-3539, Fax: (02) 623-4127
    Israel's flagship Conservative synagogue in downtown Jerusalem invites you to daven and to celebrate your b'nai mitzvah smachot.

Car Rentals

  • Superdrive Rent a Car,
    10 HaMelech David Street, Jerusalem
    Tel/Fax: (+972-7) 425-0843
    Young Drivers Welcome

Emergency Medical and Dental Services

  • Jerusalem Medical Centre Emergency Dental Service
    3rd floor, Shalom Meir Centre (Wolfson Buildings)
    Tel: (02) 566-9061
    After Hours Tel: (02) 642-3676

  • Robert Sreter, M.S., D.D.S.
    13 Keren HaYesod St, Jerusalem
    Tel: (02) 623-4679, Fax: (02) 587-0972
    Emergency Dental Service
    Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry

  • Emergency Dental Service
    1 Mendele St. (opposite the Moriah Hotel)
    Tel: (02) 563-2303
    Emergency Dental Treatment

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Where to Eat in Jerusalem

  • Shipudei HaGefen
    74 Agripas St. (near Mahane Yehuda open market)
    Tel: (02) 624-4888, Fax: (02) 624-3030
    Middle Eastern Meat Restaurant

  • Rungsit
    2 Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem. Tel: (02) 611-757
    Thai Japanese Restrauant
    Kosher L'Mehadrin

  • Ima Restaurant
    189 Agripas St, Jerusalem. Tel: (02) 624-6860, Fax: (02) 625-5693
    Middle Eastern Specialties
    Kosher by Jerusalem Rabbinate, Meat

  • Mamma Mia
    83 King George St, Jerusalem. Tel: (02) 624-8080, Fax: (02) 623-3335
    Italian/Dairy. Homemade pasta.
    Kosher by Jerusalem Rabbinate

  • Off the Square
    8 Ramban Street, Rehavia, Jerusalem (in the mill). Tel: (02) 566-5956, Fax: (02) 561-5577
    Dairy and Fish restaurant near the centre of Jerusalem.
    Kosher L'Mehadrin

  • Pizzeria Efrat
    Te'ena Shopping Centre, Efrat. Tel: (02) 993-1630
    Pizza and other dairy delicacies in Efrat, just outside Jerusalem.
    Kosher L'Mehadrin


Mobile Phones

  • Y.E. Communications
    31 Emek Refaim St, Jerusalem
    Tel: (02) 563-7658, Tel/fax: (02) 561-2058, Cellular phone: (050) 242-091
    e-mail: selaerez@netvision.net.il
    Rental and sale of: Cellular Phones, Beepers, Long-range Walkie-Talkies, Fax Machines, etc

Concierge Services

  • Star Laundry
    27 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem, right near the major hotels
    Tel: (+972)-2-566-9434, (+972)-50-598-051
    Free pick-up and delivery

The following links are from Google Ads.
We have no control over the content.